Mezzanine Floors

Avanta designs and manufactures mezzanine floors for UK businesses and commercial property owners. From single storey to multi-tier mezzanines, our turnkey service means that everything is included in the price, from initial survey to installation and handover of your new mezzanine floor. All mezzanine floors designed and installed by Avanta conform to BS5950 .

What Is A Mezzanine Floor?

Turnkey Mezzanine and Conveyor InstallationNamed after the Italian word mezzano (meaning middle), a mezzanine floor is an additional level between the main floors in a building. Mezzanine floors have a wide range of applications and are often used in retail, office and warehouse spaces to provide valuable additional floor space.

Uses of Mezzanine Floors

Avanta designs and installs mezzanine floors for businesses all over the UK, for a wide range of purposes. If it can be accommodated within the building, a mezzanine floor is the perfect way to increase space. Some of the most common uses for mezzanine floors include:

Storage Mezzanines – Additional storage within a warehouse, specialist item storage, integration with racking systems.

Office Mezzanines – Additional workspace for staff, meeting areas or break rooms, file storage or control rooms.

Retail Mezzanines – Increasing the space of the shop floor, adding stockroom space, storage for large or specialist items or office space.

Production Mezzanines – Increasing production capacity, adding capabilities to a facility, increasing product storage or adding control/office space.

Warehouse Mezzanines – Adding extra storage or specialist storage space, internal offices or picking/packing space.

Hospitality Mezzanines – Adding extra seating or serving areas, storage or stock rooms or kitchen areas for food preparation.

Multi-tier mezzanine floor

Mezzanine Floor Systems From Avanta

Purchasing a mezzanine floor from Avanta UK Ltd. means that the project is completely managed for you, whether it be a simple single tier or a multi-tier mezzanine floor system. This includes:-

● Free no obligation site survey showing what is possible in your existing premises
● Professional design service including CAD designs
● Management of all necessary Building Regulations and planning documentation
● Installation by our fully qualified professional installation team
● Competitively priced and UK manufactured

Each mezzanine floor is bespoke for every individual customer and takes into account site conditions including safety, obstructions and access. There are a wide range of options available to complement the Avanta mezzanine floor system, including highly durable powder coated accessories.

Avanta UK, based in Leeds, offer over 20 years of experience in providing businesses with innovative solutions to their storage and space requirements. We supply mezzanine floors in Leeds and throughout the UK.

All Avanta mezzanine flooring systems are manufactured in the UK and with a network of installation teams throughout the country we are able to respond quickly to your needs wherever you are located.

Mezzanine Flooring Design & Installation

Whatever the intended use, a mezzanine level can be designed to meet the specific needs of a business, improving the efficiency and value of any suitable commercial space. Before installation work commences, our designers work with you to understand what you require from a mezzanine floor, designing a solution to meet your needs. You can see the options available visualise the completed project.

Installing a mezzanine often saves companies that require increased floor space the major expense and headache of relocation. As a mezzanine floor is installed within the existing footprint of the building, the project can be completed much more quickly and with significantly less disruption than moving or extending
the premises outwards. Mezzanine flooring can even be altered, extended and if necessary rebuilt as the circumstances of a business change.

To read more about the mezzanine floor process and how Avanta will handle your mezzanine floor project click here .

Fire rated warehouse mezzanine floor for logistics company

Mezzanine Floor Safety

Safety is of paramount importance and you can be assured that all our mezzanine floors carry the CE mark for safety and integrity of fabricated steel products. As your Avanta mezzanine floor is designed to meet your specific requirements, any safety aspects regarding the site or intended use for the floor will be accounted for, including weight loading, corrosion resistance, safety barriers, railing and partitions and fire protection . We also handle all aspects of obtaining necessary building regulations approval.

For further information about mezzanine floors and related safety considerations please visit our mezzanine FAQ’s page .

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Fire rated warehouse mezzanine floor for logistics company
Multi-tier mezzanine floor
Fire Protected Storage Mezzanine Floor
Retail Mezzanine Floor
Fire Protected Storage Mezzanine Floor
Largescale Fire Protected Mezzanine Installation
Office Mezzanine Floor Halifax
Fire rated storage mezzanine floor
Storage Mezzanine Floor Halifax
Large fire rated mezzanine floor in Leeds
Fire Protected Storage Mezzanine For Fashion Retailer
Fire Protected Large Mezzanine Floor
Simple storage Mezzanine Floor
Office Mezzanine Floor
Fire Rated Mezzanine Floor underside
Retail Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Staircase
Warehouse Office Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine with Double Pallet gate
Finished Mezzanine Floor
Fire rated mezznaine floor
Office Control Room on Mezzanine
Two tier mezzanine floor
Large Warehouse Mezzanine Floor