Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is the perfect racking system for storing and retrieving long heavy items such as pipes, timber packs, windows, furniture, bars, steel tubes, sections and sheet.

Cantilever Racking Benefits

The versatility of the cantilever racking system means items can be stored on pallets, loose, wrapped and can be irregular in shape. Typically used in builder's merchants, steel stockholders, wholesalers, factories, warehouses and many other work environments.

The Avanta Cantilever racking system is suitable for indoor use and can be galvanised for outdoor storage and is of the following specification: -

Cantilever racks are available up to 10 metres high

Cantilever arms capacity up to 5 tonnes is possible.  As standard, light duty arms = 250KG, medium duty = 500KG, heavy duty = 1000KG capacity Columns are punched on both sides as standard, allowing use as single-sided and double-sided racks to save space

Adjustable arms on 150mm pitch to allow for simple arm adjustment for different load sizes as standard however other increments are available

Upright and base sections are manufactured from hot rolled beam sections Bases are bolted to columns, facilitating quick assembly and easy conversion from single-sided to double-sided racks

Large Cantilever Racking Installation

Coil Racking

The Avanta Coil Racking system allows the safe storage of materials that are held on reels or drums and allows the winding and decoiling of the reels to and from the coil racks.

Coil Racking Bays Starter and Extension

What is Coil Racking

Tubular spindles are suspended between chocks and secured to the racking upright. The position of the spindles is variable to allow varying reel depth up to 2.4 metres can be accommodated.

Coil racking can be single or double sided to save space and therefore configured in various layouts. Common applications are in electrical or automotive wholesale environments, wallpapers, carpets and cloth.

Avanta Vertical racking and A Frame Racking systems

These racking systems enable the safe storage and location of long items either loose or in packs.

What is Vertical Racking

Typical items stored includes pipes, battens, plastic extrusions, steel angles, tubes etc. all stored vertically and the adjustable arms act as dividers. The arms are relocatable and can be adjusted horizontally as stock levels change.

Features of the Avanta Vertical Racking and A Frame System: –
Arms adjust along the beam by hand, without the need for tools Standard depths are 450mm, 600mm, and 750mm Heights are 2m, 3m, 4m, and 5m Single or double sided Floor retaining angle keeps stock safely in the rack.

Vertical Rack Storing Lengths of Timber