Increase your storage capabilities without the need to extend or relocate with multi-tiered shelving

A raised storage area, or tiered storage structure as it is most commonly known, is a raised platform rack or shelf mounted structure independent of the host building structure.

Multi-tier Shelving Explained

It is supported by either pallet racking or shelving to eliminate the need for a structural floor. It increases floor space and optimises storage capacity by using the height of the building.

This shelving system is perfect where floor space is limited or there is good building height available. This is because it utilises this space that under normal circumstances can’t used. Multi-tier shelving systems can increase the amount of storage capacity. Tiered storage structures must comply with Building Regulations.

Ideal for order picking and archive storage

Can accommodate a range of shelving systems

Economical use of floor space

Euro shelving and Longspan shelving are 2x systems that lend themselves to be multi-tiered.