Anti Collapse Mesh

Anti Collapse Mesh

The Avanta Anti-Collapse system is ideal for securing pallet racking in factories, warehouses or to provide safety measures for mezzanine floors.

Panels are available in a range of mesh opening sizes and stand off bracket dimensions to prevent pallets and individual stock items from falling.

The mesh allows full visibility of goods and  in the event of fire, sprinkler systems are still able to function effectively.

We also offer a Rack Net alternative to steel mesh.  Please click here for further information.

Further information is available via the downloads in the sidebar or alternatively contact us to discuss your requirements

Avanta UK offer a no obligation, free site survey and quotation service including CAD layouts for Anti Collapse Mesh and the associated racking.

Rack Nets

Racking Nets

Back of rack safety netting is an excellent way of preventing injury and product damage at the back of single runs of pallet racking. Made from high tencity Polypropylene the net is light weight, incredibly strong  and almost impossible to damage in normal operation.

Rack end nets are a highly effective way to protect staff and stock as the racking end frame structure will not necessarily prevent product from falling through the end of the racking in the event of a pallet becoming dislodged or products shifting during storage and retrieval.

  • Available in various sizes and strengths
  • Creates a safer working environment for your staff
  • Rack Nets are strong but are of low weight
  • Made to measure so no cutting down or edge working
  • Racking nets are flexible and not of a rigid construction
  • Easy to install
  • All Racking nets are fire retardant

Safety Barriers & Protection Posts

Racking Safety Barriers

Safety Barriers - have been developed to allow organisations throughout industry to protect pallet racking that could be vulnerable to accidental fork truck damage.

Safety Barriers

As well as protecting racking and shelving in busy warehouse or factory environments, Barrier Rails segregate and protect fork lift truck battery chargers, vending machines, conveyors, factory or warehouse offices.

They also serve as safety barriers in loading bays and to demarcate doorways and pedestrian areas. Barrier Rails help companies comply with the requirements of current Health & Safety regulations.

Protection Post Range

Protection Posts - Three standard sizes of safety bollards are available from our range of protection posts, all designed to protect critical or high value equipment which may be prone to accidental traffic damage.

3 standard posts ranging from 750mm to 1100mm high
Finished in high visibility orange paint or galvanised finish for external applications
Supplied complete with floor fixings for simple installation

Upright Protectors

Racking Upright Protectors

Significantly reduce your pallet racking repair costs instantly with Avanta Rack Guards. Manufactured from ballistics grade polymer, Avanta Rack Guards simply clip to your existing or new racking without the need for further fixings.

This range of rack upright protectors is suitable for use in temperatures as low as -40 degrees and is fully recyclable and non toxic.

  • Availability - 3 to 5 working days
  • Rack Guards are available in 2 heights, 300 & 600mm
  • Avanta Rack Guards fit any type of pallet racking
  • High Visibility Yellow Finish. Other colours are available on request.

Compatible with all pallet racking types.

General Accessories

Pallet Foot Support

Used in pairs across the beams, to support box or caged pallets which have corner posts, skids or feet.

Profile Shelf Panel

Provides wide-bay steel shelving. The corrugated profile enhances loading capability. Made from pre-galvanised steel.

Mesh Decking

Ideal for use where sprinkler systems are fitted. Mesh also offers excellent ventilation for products stored and is a dust free surface.

Run Spacer

Used to maintain a fixed parallel safety clearance between double sided runs of racking.

P&D Stations

Pick and Deposit (P&D) stations are used at the end of racks to assist in load handling between fixed aisle and other trucks.

Fork Spacer

Used in pairs across beams, to provide fork entry spaces. Provides support for and access to non-palletised loads.

Timber Decking

Cost effective option to steel panels in large installations. Also to support pallets where mixed pallet sizes are in use.

Guide Rails

Allow safe and accurate guidance for trucks operating within racking, particularly in drive-in or narrow aisle applications.

Safety Mesh Screens

Fitted for safety, and the security of palletised loads. Often fitted where a walkway or working area is adjacent to racking.

Coil Cradle

Spans beams to provide location and support for coiled materials - metal strip, for example - or other cylindrical items

Pallet Support Bars

Fits across beams to provide support for smaller pallets.

Sprinkler Systems

Can be fitted throughout the racking structure for fire protection.

Racking Signs

Range of rack safety signs and warehouse identification labels. Warning signs conform to SEMA guidelines.

Drum Chock

Locates on the front beam, and cradles one end of a drum or barrel. Prevents lateral rolling of drums or cylindrical items.

Steel Shelf Panel

Panels span a pair of beams to provide wide-bay steel shelving. Made from pre-galvanised steel.

Pallet & Shelf Support Bars

Fitted across beams to provide support for smaller pallets or greater load capacity for shelving. Cladding location bracket also shown.

Rack /Upright Protector

Provides protection to the ends of racking or upright against fork lift truck damage. Various types available.

Frame Cladding

Can be fitted, depending on the application.

Rack Identification Labels

For Aisle and Beams we have a range of identification productions