Avanta Washrooms

This range brings together a sense of comfort, luxury and privacy to the commercial space. The latest trends in modern bathroom design, materials and colour combine with the eco and technological credentials demanded of the modern washroom.

Washroom Options

Infra red, touch free and LED technology ensure our washrooms are efficient eco spaces with plenty of contemporary style. Features & Options include: -

A wide range of panel options which offer the highest quality finish

Consistent fixings throughout, offering a complete solution

Bespoke vanity units complementing the cubicle ranges

Variety of full height, individual, glass or floating cubicle systems

Outline – a minimal framed cubicle system.
Outline Sheer – incorporates back painted glass for partitions and doors within the Outline frame.
Stature – a full height solid cubicle system with the option of utilising an overpanel.
Solo – a fully integrated unisex cubicle including vanity and wash area.

Blue Washroom Cubicles

Image Gallery

  • Blue Washroom Cubicles
  • Outline washrooms
  • Washroom Cubicle Close Up
  • Komfort Washroom System in partitioning
  • Komfort Washrooms
  • Timber effect komfort washrooms
  • Solo washroom system
  • Toilet Refurbishment
  • Komfort Solo Washrooms
  • Washroom Vanity Unit
  • Commercial Vanity Unit