Mezzanine Floor Cantilever Racking Plan

Leeds based storage equipment specialists Avanta UK Ltd has recently completed a substantial contract with a local International brand, fitting out one of their parts distribution centres near Leeds Bradford Airport.Mezzanine with cantilever racking

The scope of the project included the design, supply and installation of 2 fire rated mezzanine floors and long run of heavy duty cantilever racking to store long heavy parts.  The project also included the re-configuration of the existing pallet racking.

The main mezzanine floor measures 270 square metres and had 59 linear metres of hand & knee safety rail. The mezzanine required a bespoke pallet gate to accept pallets / crates upto 2.8m wide.  The second fire rated mezzanine floor measured 150 square metres.

Fire rating a mezzanine floor consists of fitting a full area suspended ceiling below the mezzanine floor, encasing the edges with fire rated fascia and column casings.

All electrics were carried out by Avanta’s electrical contractor.

Avanta also designed, supplied and installed a 45m run of heavy duty cantilever racking.  This type of racking is perfect for the storage of heavy long unwieldy items.Cantilever racking

The final part of the project involved the reconfiguration of existing pallet racking bays to suit storing differing pallet sizes.

The works were completed on time and on budget.

Image Gallery

Fire rated mezznaine floor
mezzanine with cantilever rack
Fire Rated Mezzanine Floor underside
Cantilever Racking
Large fire rated mezzanine floor in Leeds
Cantilever racks
Mezzanine pallet gate
Pallet gate
Cantilever rack close up
Cantilever racking aisle
Warehouse storage equipment overview
Fire rated storage mezzanine floor