Polar Glass Office Partitions

Single Glazed Office Partitions

Polar allows light to flood through the workplace to create an atmosphere of space, yet effectively provides shielded office zones where concentration and creativity may flourish. Available in either straight striking lines, facets, or the most graceful curves, Polar’s minimalist form exudes elegance and luxury in all kinds of surroundings.

Single Glazed Partitions are designed with the minimum of components, thus facilitating speed of erection without compromising strength and rigidity. It is silicone jointed yet virtually frameless system with no vertical posts between modules, corners or three way junctions.

Double Glazed Office Partitions

The epitome of contemporary partitioning, Double Glazed Partitions bring a sensational style to the division of any office space, often enhanced by dramatic glass decoration.

Providing an environment for both communicative and inspired work, its simplistic method of installation, relocatability and powerful acoustic properties make it such a practical option too.

The double glazed version of Polar uses no silicone even at glass-to-glass joints. Shared support to both panes of glass is offered by the unique ‘ghost post’ which means that the system is totally relocatable should future needs dictate.

The PolarTec system offers enhanced structural, fire and acoustic performance whilst maintaining its ability to be demountable and relocatable. This double glazed partition provides 30 minutes fire resistance for both integrity and insulation together with a sound reduction of 46db (Rw).

Polar 100 Glass Office Partitions

Provides a fully integrated system that can accommodate single glazed, double glazed and solid elements. Single and double glazed formats comprise perimeter framing only, with vertical glass edges abutting a small infill strip. Visually monolithic solid elevations feature a flush skirting and a recessed head, this head detail being common to all elevations. The multifunction, single action door frame may be incorporated within glazed or solid runs and can house timber and glass door sets.

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Double Glazed Office Partitions
Polar Glass Office Partitions
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Polar glass office partitions
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Polar Glazed Office Partitions in Whitehall
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