As a shelving supply and installation company we are not restricted to only offering a single range that we manufacture, Avanta can offer a diverse range of longspan shelving from a select number of manufacturers to suit your individual storage, budget and lead time needs.

Infact Avanta stock a range of longspan shelving in component form to deliver within 5 working days which is perfect for the retail stockroom or warehouse environment.

Longspan shelving is simply an upright and beam system with a choice of timber, mesh or steel decking.  Timber is perfect for dry goods, steel for liquids to wipe clean and mesh for ventilation and sprinkler access if required. Uprights can be supplied assembled or flat pack, one the uprights are assembled beams are secured onto the uprights and are adjustable. Locking clips prevent accidental movement. Once the frames and beams are up, shelving materials simply drop into place

The Avanta system that is held in stock offers a frame capacity of 5000KG and a beam capacity of 1200KG. Frames start at 1830mm high to 4880mm high beam levels are from 1220mm length to 2745mm. We also offer an Economy Longspan Shelving System that offers various heights, widths and depths at a very competitive price.  The Avanta range of Longspan is the perfect warehouse shelving system.

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Galvanised Longspan Shelving

Galvanised Longspan Shelving

This competitively priced and easy to build longspan shelving system offers a heavy duty storage solution at an economical price.

With 4 frame heights from 1800mm to 2700mm, 4 depths from 450mm to 1200mm and 3 beam lengths this warehouse shelving system will offer a configuration to suit your needs.

The galvanised frames are supplied in KD form and when assembled offer a capacity of 3000KGs.

The galvanised Z beams are adjustable on a 50mm pitch and offer the following capacity: –
1800mm length beam = 495KG UDL
2100mm length beam = 428KG UDL
2400mm length beam = 377KG UDL

High Density Chipboard = 18mm thick (nom) 22mm & 25mm also available

Quantity Discounts available – Please contact us.

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Longspan Shelving to store automotive parts
Longspan Shelving With Galvanised Deck Close Up
Longspan shelving in warehouse environment
Longspan Shelving System
Galvanised Longspan Shelving starter bay
Longspan Shelving with Steel Decks in Warehouse
Instock Longspan Shelving
Longspan shelving in Stores
Longspan Shelving for clothing retailer
High longspan shelving installation
Longspan shelving for box storage
Galvanised longspan shelving with props
Longspan shelving in the process of being built
Warehouse Longspan Shelving
Galvanised longspan shelving close up of beam
Longspan shelving with galvanised steel decks
Longspan shelving with steel cladding to the ends
Longspan Shelving For Box Storage
Galvanised longspan shelving with boxes
Close up of longspan shelving