Mobile Shelving & Roller Racking

Our mobile shelving & roller racking systems are designed to make the most of your workspace

Mobile shelving enables you to maximise the use of your floorspace with innovative and highly efficient storage solutions.

Unlike traditional shelving, mobile shelving units let you use all of your available space for storage as they only require one aisle to access any part of the storage area. When access to a particular item is required, the mobile shelving unit simply moves to create an aisle as necessary.

Because mobile shelving systems mean your space is used for storage rather than access, you are able to gain 100% more storage from the same area compared to conventional shelving and storage solutions.

Mobile storage shelving is available with either an easy to use hand wheel mechanism which lets you move the shelving to create aisles as required, or with a "Follow Me" electric drive system for the ultimate in convenience.

Our mobile shelving systems can be fitted with graphic end panels that can include any design such as your corporate graphics, a commissioned photograph or any image of your choice to make a vibrant and attractive addition to your workspace.

Mobile Warehouse Shelving System

Heavy Duty Mobile Shelving - If you have a significant quantity of items to store, including bulk storage of stock or archives, our heavy duty mobile shelving systems are able to handle all your storage requirements with ease. These systems enable you to maximise the storage efficiency of even the biggest areas and offer an incredible amount of storage space.

Office Mobile Shelving Units - The Avanta office mobile shelving systems are perfect for small or large offices as they are quick to install and simple to maintain and operate.

Our systems remove the need for aisles and use the full height of your office. So you get 100% more storage than static shelving and 300% more than traditional 4-drawer filing cabinets.

Garment Mobile Shelving - Back of store Economy mobile garment shelving is ideal in saving valuable space in a retail stockroom environment. Single and two-tier options available.

Roller Racking Systems - Mobile shelving is often referred to as roller racking but it is exactly the same.