Storage Mezzanine Floors

A storage mezzanine floor is an additional level installed in an area as a warehouse or commercial building that is used for storage.

Benefits of a Storage Mezzanine

Utilising space that is otherwise lost, a storage mezzanine floor can give you twice the flexibility without the need to move or extend.

Whether you wish to expand an existing storage space or add storage to a production or warehouse facility, a mezzanine floor enables you to maximise the usable area within your premises. Together with intelligently designed racking or storage systems, a mezzanine level can add significant storage volume at a fraction of the cost of moving to a larger premises.

Options for a Storage Mezzanine

There a number of options when it comes to installing a storage mezzanine including height, area, access and specific storage systems used on the floor which can include racking or shelving.

From single tier to multiple tier mezzanine floor systems, mezzanine floors enable you to increase your storage space within the existing cubic space. The needs of the business and existing building layout will also influence the design of a mezzanine floor used for storage.

Turnkey Mezzanine and Conveyor Installation
Fire rated warehouse mezzanine floor for logistics company

Storage Mezzanine Flooring From Avanta

Architects, specifiers and blue-chip companies in a vast spectrum of industries choose Avanta.

We can design, supply and install a storage mezzanine based on the individual requirements of your business. We have the expertise and industry experience to provide the complete mezzanine floor solution to suit your specification.

Avanta can also design, supply and install integrated or modular storage systems, together with partitioning to create separate storage or work areas. Of course, all our installations are fully compliant with all relevant building regulations. We can handle any paperwork, together with any necessary Local Authority Planning Applications as part of the project.

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