Businesses large or small face the question of dwindling space restricting operational effectiveness versus the investment in expansion or relocation.

This particular retail warehouse operation handles all it's UK returns and rather than have the logistical nightmare and potential downtime of relocation decided that a large scale mezzanine floor would increase capacity without causing any disruption to the day to day running of the business.

Avanta UK successfully tendered for the supply and installation of a 1200 square metre mezzanine floor with a finished floor height of 4metres.  The total handrail for the project totalled 168 linear metres.

Access is via 4x steel staircases, 2 of which have top landings and one has a special bridge unit.  For load access 2 up and over pallet gates were installed.

The top deck is 38mm thick tongue and groove particle board which was painted in anti-slip mid grey flooring paint.

Avanta UK handled all the building regulations and the project was completed on time.

Overall, if there is enough height in your existing premises a mezzanine floor is a perfect alternative to costly relocation.

Warehouse Mezzanine

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