Operable Folding Partition Walls

The system is individual panels that interlock. Each panel is locked into place, the final closure is achieved by means of an expandable end panel operated by a removable handle. They offer sound insulation excellence and are available in an almost unlimited variety of configurations.

Multifold Folding Partitions

The Multifold is ideal for medium acoustics and when there is a need for the weight to be on the floor when the support structure is not load bearing. The system consists of continuously hinged panels that are locked into place every second panel. The last panel always operates as a communicating door. The system can either be a single or Bi-parting.

Fabric Coated Folding Partitions

Avanta offer four types of Fabric partition all manufactured in the UK. Each has a different average effective sound reduction (RwdB). The fabric is strong, durable, light fast, class '1' and '0' to BS 476 flame spread. The material is made from water based inks and is fully washable, mildew and mould resistant.

Wood Finished Folding Partitions

Using high quality wood veneers from Scandinavia, the wood finished partitions have narrow panels for neat stacking when open and matching pelmets to hide the track. They come in glazed, unglazed and acoustic versions.