Does the mezzanine floor need to be fire rated?Turnkey Mezzanine and Conveyor Installation
• Floor usage – Floors can be used for storage, automated storage and maintenance purposes and not be fire rated. Any other use then the mezzanine floor would have to be fire rated.
• If the floor area exceeds 400m2
• If any edge is in excess of 20 linear metres
• Size of mezzanine floor is more than 50% of the room it is installed in.
• More than 3 people are to be working on the floor at any one time.

You can extend the sprinkler system to the underside of the mezzanine floor to avoid fire rating the floor, however this could be uneconomic.

What weight can I put on a mezzanine floor?Fire Protected Large Mezzanine Floor
Using British Standard load table classifications are: –
• Light use 4.8Kn/m2 (480kg per square metre)
• Medium use 7.32Kn/m2 (732Kg per square metre)
• Heavy usage 9.6Kn/m2 (960Kg per square metre)
• Please consult with our representative(s).

Does a mezzanine floor need to be approved by building regulations?
Yes, mezzanine flooring will need building regulations approval. Avanta will take care of this for you. Occasionally we will be required to submit floor slab details and a building plan showing the fire exits. Approval takes approximately 48 hours.

What type of floor decking is used?Retail Mezzanine Floor
38mm thick high density flooring grade chipboard is used for a typical internal mezzanine floor. Steel chequer plate can be used if the floor is to be exposed to liquids. External floors should be galvanised steel chequer plate or galvanised steel open mesh to prevent rotting and rusting in the weather.