Retail Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors make complete sense in retail, which is perhaps why it's not surprising that they can be seen in a wide range of retail environments throughout the UK.

Why Choose a Mezzanine Floor for Retail?

Whether you need a seamless addition to your sales floor area, more back-of-store storage for stock or extended office space, a mezzanine floor enables you to significantly extend the usable space in your existing premises.

Particularly in larger buildings such as modern, purpose built retail units, it can often be the case that a significant amount of the volume is wasted. Installing a mezzanine floor enables you to put this space to work.

If you need to exhibit more stock, or you're looking for a way to differentiate between departments, then an additional floor would be ideal. Likewise, if your busy retail premises is short on storage, a mezzanine floor can almost double the floor area of the unit. This is particularly effective when used in combination with an integrated storage, shelving and racking system.

Whatever you need extra floor space for, a mezzanine level will probably be the cheapest and most flexible option for getting what your business needs.


Retail Mezzanine Floor Leeds
Retail Mezzanine Floor For Music Retailer

Retail Mezzanines from Avanta

The combination of lightweight construction, superior powder-coated finish and wide range of colour options makes  Avanta mezzanine floors ideal for the retail environment.

In a customer facing environment, we understand how important it is that the space not only works flawlessly but also aesthetically complements your business.  We offer a full range of options including glass and steel partitioning and safety fittings. Our team will work with you to discuss all the options and put together the perfect design for your needs.

We ensure compliance with all building, safety and fire regulations as part of the design and installation process.

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