Mesh Partitions

Avanta UK’s storage and industrial mesh partitioning

The cost-effective modular mesh panel system, which can be customised to fit to your specific requirements. All our systems have a quality guarantee and are available in varying security levels. Panels are easy to assemble on-site, resulting in optimized storage areas.

Avanta Mesh Partitions provide a fully adaptable storage solution that fits all your storage requirements. Standard components and a wide range of standard panel dimensions help us to provide tailor-made storage solutions of the highest quality. The benefits of mesh partitioning are widespread including allowing natural light to filter through and facilitating sprinkler systems to aid in fire safety.

Typical uses of mesh partitioning systems within the warehouse and factory environment includes: –

  • Restricting access to certain areas including storage compounds.
  • Securing items of value
  • Storing hazardous liquids
  • Create demarcated areas
  • Securing machinery

Panel Sizes: –

Panels UR350 H x W (mm) Panels UX450 H x W (mm)
2200 x 200 800 x 200
2200 x 300 800 x 300
2200 x 700 800 x 700
2200 x 800 800 x 800
2200 x 1000 800 x 1000
2200 x 1200 800 x 1200
2200 x 1500 800 x 1500
Available in UR 350 & UX 450 Available in UX 450 execution


Doors available in UX 450 execution in various combinations; swing doors, sliding doors, different lock options etc.

Technical info UR350 Technical info UX450
Frame: 19 x 19 x 1mm Frame: 30 x 20 x 1.25mm
Wire: 2.5 x 2.5mm Wire: 3 x 3.75mm
Mesh Size: 50 x 50mm Mesh Size: 50 x 50mm & 25 x 25mm
Finish: Powder paint Grey RAL 7037 Finish: Powder paint Grey RAL 7037
Available in hot-dip galvanised finish Available in hot-dip galvanised finish

Image Gallery

Mesh partition access gate
mesh partitioning in warehouse
mesh partitioned gate open for access
security lock on mesh partition
Mesh Partitioning to Create Segregated Work Area
Mesh Partitioning to create mesh Cage
Mesh Cage Proposal
Mesh Partitions to Create Containment Area