Mezzanine Floor Edge Protection

Mezzanine Floor Edge Protection

At Avanta, our innovative edge protection system has been designed to provide a choice of secure, durable and high performing options for your mezzanine floors.

Edge protection is obviously a very important part of any mezzanine floor from a safety aspect. Here our edge protection system excels by offering an incredibly stable, robust and secure solution.

Our mezzanine floor edge protection is available in a wide range of styles and finishes to suit the intended purpose of your mezzanine flooring installation.

The style of the edging protection that is chosen can be a feature that makes a real statement in any environment. This is particularly relevant if the mezzanine floor is intended for use by the public, such as in a retail or office mezzanine. Our system enables you to choose a style of edging protection that fits seamlessly into the design of any area.

Our unique system offers a solution that is both incredibly stable, yet tidy and unobtrusive as both the handrail and toe plate can be integrated into the vertical posts. Our oval profile toe plates are 100mm in height and fit through the centre of the posts, providing an edge that is highly robust and secure with no unsightly bolts or potentially dangerous sharp edges exposed. In a similar fashion, our 1120mm high tubular hand and knee rails run through the centre of the posts giving a solution that is incredibly strong and stable with a clean, bolt-free finish.

As an alternative to horizontal knee rails, options available to be installed as part of our edge protection system include glass or acrylic panels, closely fitted vertical posts or our popular guard netting. Guard netting can be installed easily and makes a great choice for storage mezzanines as it stops objects from being accidentally moved over the edge of the mezzanine, preventing damage to goods and protecting people on the floor below.Edge Protection For a Mezzanine Floor with Mesh

Mezzanine Floor Edge Protection Specifications:

  • Conforms to BS5395: Part3:1985
  • Toe plates designed to sustain horizontal loading of 1.0kN/m
  • Characteristic point load 0.5kN
  • Handrails designed to sustain minimum horizontal line loading of 0.74kN/m
  • Powder coating for high durability and outstanding gloss retention

Avanta Mezz Guard

A 40 x 40mm angle frame modular mesh panel designed to neatly affix to Mezzanine Floor handrail systems
Avanta Mezz Guard is a system of mesh panels intended to fit in between handrail uprights, having specially shaped laser cut notches to drop over the rails. If the handrail uprights are square the panels should fit tightly.
Standard mesh aperture is 50x 50mm, however other mesh sizes are available upon request.
Kick-plates are supplied separately.

Mezzanine Floor Staircases

Mezzanine Floor Staircase

Avanta designs appropriate staircases into each mezzanine floor project and provides advice regarding relevant Building Regulations. Recently introduced legislation, for example, requires that at least one Ambulant Disabled Staircase (ADS) complying with Approved Document M of the Building Regulations should be fitted to mezzanine floors used for storage and that, in addition, a lift should be provided for office use. Avanta’s Approved Inspector can advise you on the regulations and show those instances where a simpler Type K staircase may be an acceptable alternative or situations where a single ADS may alleviate the need for a lift.

All Avanta staircases are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

Mezzanine Floor Lifts

Mezzanine Floor Lifts

Avanta UK mezzanine floor lifts offer operators a simple, safe and efficient way to handle loads up to 500kg between two or three floors, in warehouses, stores, factories and workshops. It can be installed in virtually any location, indoors or out, where there is access to a standard 240V 20A power supply.

The unit can also be constructed as a complete self-supporting structure and with 3 phase power.

Specification: –

  • Compact design helps maximise storage space and work area
  • Standard 250kg maximum working load (MWL)
  • Bespoke platform design
  • Overload protection
  • Operates from a domestic 240V power supply
  • Inter-locks to gates
  • Dual push button controls

Avanta UK provide a complete design, installation and training service of the goods lift with a nationwide network of engineers to minimise downtime and ensure the continued reliability of equipment.

Mezzanine Floor Pallet Gates

Mezzanine Floor Pallet Gates

Designed to protect personnel at exposed opening points at the mezzanine floor edge, safety gates can have a light-weight, fail-safe roll-over operation or be of the sliding ‘trombone’ type. They can accommodate standard sized pallets and require virtually no maintenance. The gates are powder coated to give a highly durable finish with excellent gloss retention.

We can design bespoke pallet gates  to match your exact requirements. So if you’re not sure if our standard products are quite right for your business, we can discuss a more tailored design.

Mezzanine Floor Conveyors


Avanta UK Ltd supply and install a comprehensive range of conveyor systems for industrial applications. From gravity roller conveyors, belt and modular plastic conveyors to custom design and built systems. We also supply options for pallet conveyor systems such as turntables and pallet handling equipment.

Conveyor systems include: –

  • Belt conveyors
  • Modular plastic chain conveyors
  • Roller conveyor systems
  • Gravity roller conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Stainless steel conveyors
  • Bespoke – Custom designed specials

From a single freestanding conveyor to a complete workshop or factory layout, we can handle your requirements.

Mezzanine Floor Deck Options

Mezzanine Floor Deck Options
The most common mezzanine floor deck option tends to be 38mm chipboard, however there are a selection of mezzanine deck options dependent on the application of the floor.raised mesh flooring_thumbChipboard-deck

These include: –

  • 38mm thick tongue & groove particle board – “P6” C Grade HDPE board.
  • As above with x coats of clear lacquer
  • As above with Anti slip laminate face
  • As above with fire retardant foil back
  • Steel Checker Plate
  • Open Steel Mesh PanelsBALIdiamond-checkplate

Avanta also supply and fit a 6mm & 7mm thick PVC interlocking floor tile in various colours and finishes offering an attractive functional finish to any workplace.


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Edge Protection For Cut Out on Mezzanine Floor
Edge Protection For Mezzanine Floor
Mezzanine Floor Edge Protection
Mezzanine Staircase
Part M Mezzanine Floor Staircase With Mid Landing
Part K Staircase
Part K Staircase
Mezzanine Belt Conveyor
Free Standing Gravity Roller Conveyor
Lufting Conveyor
Gravity Roller Conveyor
Mezzanine pallet gate
Pallet gate