Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

If your business is involved in any kind of warehousing or distribution, a mezzanine floor could be the perfect way to ensure your premises works to its full potential.

Benefits of Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine floors enable warehouses and distribution centres to significantly increase productivity and the efficiency of their operations.

Used in combination with appropriate storage solutions, a single or multi tier mezzanine floor extends the space available for storage and ensures that the internal volume of the building is used to its fullest capacity.

  • Significantly increase storage space
  • Flexible to adapt to changes in demand
  • Can support high loads
  • Adaptable for use as office or production space
  • Wide range of options to fit the needs of any organisation


Warehouse Mezzanine Floors from Avanta

Avanta have years of industry experience and have designed and installed tailored mezzanine floor and storage solutions for some of the UK's best known companies.

We offer a huge range of options, and work closely with each of our clients to design a solution that meets the individual needs and requirements of their business. We offer a full turnkey service and can provide everything from mezzanine floors to safety, access and storage systems, to partitioning and even furniture and workbenches.

Our solutions are highly cost effective, both in terms of comparable initial outlay and the increased business efficiency they provide. All our projects are fully compliant with all relevant Fire and Building Regulations.

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