Leeds based Interior Fit out Specialist Avanta UK has recently completed a major multi-faceted office and laboratory project for the now Wakefield based SNF (UK) Ltd.

SNF (UK) Ltd (The Client) had worked within the confines of an older building in Normanton that was more warehouse with a small set of outdated offices attached and no longer suited the business needs.

With the continued growth of the Company, the warehouse and logistics of the operation are now outsourced and the motivation for a move centred on finding a local building to house 50 existing employees in a modern office suite along with building a state of the art laboratory testing facility.

About SNF
SNF (UK) Ltd is part of the SNF Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of organic coagulants and synthetic flocculants. Water Soluble Polymers are manufactured in Emulsion, Liquid and Powder / Bead grades to treat all aspects of water, effluent and sludge treatment. We also manufacture a range of speciality chemicals and polymers that support our core polymer business. They include polyDADMACS, polyamines, superabsorbent and antiscalents for use in solid liquid separation, colour removal, water retention and scale inhibition.

The Project

The Client had purchased a new two storey building in Wakefield that required a full turnkey interior fit-out scheme to not only suit the needs of the business now but also in the future. SNF approached Avanta UK Ltd amongst a select number of other local providers with the task of creating a modern and functional workspace over 2 floors for various staff and departments.

After initial discussions, credentials presentation and initial visuals were presented, Avanta (We) worked closely with SNF to produce a scope and budgets. Once the specification and design was clarified and checked Avanta were awarded the contract.

The scope of this project included the following: –

  • Design and build Directors and Departmental offices, open plan main office, 3x meeting rooms, kitchen, informal meeting areas and toilets utilising various types of Partitioning Products
  • Design and build of Laboratory from a double skin steel clean room partitioning and including air handling, trespa surfaced benching, fume cupboards, lockers, hazardous cabinets, vinyl flooring etc.
  • Plumbing works to current standards

Outside works included: –

  • External Signage
  • Roofing works
  • Civil works to prepare concrete bases
  • Created enclosed bin area
  • Smoke shelter and canopy supplied and installed
  • Car charging points – installed and commissioned

This project encompassed the following trades: –

  • Office Partition & Ceiling fixers
  • Flooring fitters
  • Electricians
  • Specialist Plumbers
  • Air Conditioning team
  • Roofers
  • Furniture installation team
  • Laboratory design and installation team

A major part of the project was the specification of the office furniture. As with many elements of the works, members of the SNF team worked closely with Avanta to refine the specification. This involved the client visiting Avanta Manufacturing Partners.

The Laboratory was built from the proprietary brand Titan system. Titan is a high-quality double skin steel partitioning system designed for cleanroom applications. The two-line system was used
to achieve a class 5 cleanroom environment as the appropriate air handling and HVAC systems were integrated.

Plumbing Specification

This was a high specification project and Avanta had to comply with The Water Supply (and water fittings regulations 1999). These regulations identify the lab as fluid risk 5 and this is the highest risk of contamination to the public water supply and as such needs to be protected with the highest specification backflow protection plumbing products and materials.

With the fluid risk being Category 5 the whole job has to be reported to Yorkshire Water and plans must be submitted via Water Industry approved plumbers who carry the RAS (Reliable
Assured Services) and Watersafe accreditation. Notification was submitted on Regulation 5 document that details the layout of pipework along with how to protect the public water supply from
backflow and back syphonage.

Works were carried out and pipework installed and all labelled to BS1710 (2014) & BS4800 to prevent cross connection of the lab supplies with the wholesome supplies that provide the drinking and washing facilities to the site along with protection of the public main. The lab was also supplied with a separate pot hand basin so the operatives can wash their hands with a non-Cat 5 water supply. This is important because the Cat 5 supply could possibly contain contaminants dangerous to their skin.

The tap fitted to the pot hand basin has an AUK 3 Air Gap. Hot water was supplied to the lab via an independent hot water supply via a fluid cat 5 break tank thus protecting the lab.

At the end of the project a Contractors Certificate (a serial numbered document) was issued to SNF. This certificate forms part of the Water Regulations (Reg 6) stating that the work has taken place and that Yorkshire Water will attend site and audit our work to make sure it all complies and thus meets water safety standards.

Customer Comment
Rob Long, Sales Manager commented
“Avanta have created a state of the art modern workplace with functional meeting and conference facilities. We have a number of field based employees who now have ample desk space to come in and work together with the rest of the team.

The open plan office has created a brighter atmosphere that has helped improve communication, teamwork and morale.

The improved meeting room facilities provide an excellent place to welcome existing and prospective clients.”

Kerstin Hick, Technical Manager commented
“Avanta were very responsive to our evolving needs as the project went on. We have created a brand new and expanding customer services team that can all work together in the same area as opposed to previously being spread over different offices.

The laboratory is now an excellent facility and the air extraction capability offered to us is very important to SNF.

Avanta came highly recommended to us and I have no hesitation in recommending Mark and the Avanta to team to others.”

Avanta Comment, Mark Davison
“I was delighted to be awarded this contract and it has been a pleasure to work with SNF. Everyone had a part to play in the success of this project and working closely together has ensured a smooth transition from the old out dated premises to the new office suite. There were many teams to manage and incremental deadlines to meet and I am pleased to say we have all achieved
what we set out to do.”

With the size of project and the timescales involved, Avanta were responsible for the CDM of the site. This ensured a compliant and smooth running of the site.

The project was a 16 week programme

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