Room For Inspiration.....

Not an unusual request but recently my colleague was invited to convert a standard meeting room into an Inspiration / Innovation Room for one of Europe's fastest growing manufacturers.  The idea behind this new area was to create a collaborative workspace for colleagues and clients to promote free thinking that could ultimately result in new product ideas.

The client team had prepared a discussion document brief that included items that were essential and other ideas that they would like in an ideal world.

Converting the vision into reality!

The existing meeting room was just that - a meeting room for meetings, designed and installed in the late 1990's.  Practical and functional, however the new space is to promote new ideas, test and mix new flavours and encourage top clients to visit and contribute. Creative Thinking Indeed!

The emphasis is on: -

  • Colour
  • Lighting
  • Material Finish
  • Colourful Graphics, Artwork, Word Art, Unique Signage
  • Inspirational Words
  • New Technologies including new screens and instant hot water in the test kitchen
  • Decision Trees - to post ideas from all involved.

The project was completed and the initial feedback from the Commercial Director was....

“I have been across and seen the room, it looks fantastic. We held our first customer day last Thursday and the combination of the room and how the team dressed it provided the WOW factor that we wanted.”