Avanta UK Ltd specialise in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of adjustable pallet racking systems for warehouses throughout the UK.

This case study highlights 2 different companies in different warehousing sectors that utilise the products and services of Leeds based Avanta UK Ltd on a National Account Basis.

Client 1

Is the UK’s leading independent paper merchant through 6 specialist business divisions and 15 UK depots.
Earlier this year the Leeds depot needed to increase the pallet storage capacity and purchased additional warehouse space adjacent to their existing site. The new warehouse offered a storage capacity of circa 800 pallets using traditional adjustable pallet racking.

Avanta UK Ltd maintains the pallet racking in each of the client's 15 depots for the past 15 years plus.

Client 2
This client is one of the leading suppliers of non-food catering equipment and catering disposables in the UK with over 18000 product lines. The company operates from 12 depots and has 120 delivery vehicles.

This particular pallet racking and steel shelving case study took place earlier this year when the client was setting up a new warehouse in Heywood.
The installation of of standard adjustable pallet racking was configured in a wide aisle configuration to store circa 2500 pallets. Avanta also supplied 77 bays with 7 levels per bay of steel shelving.

Another example of a pallet racking installation for this client was at the Leeds warehouse to store 900 pallets. Please see this time lapse video