Harrison & Clough Ltd - Pallet racking Installation.

Since 1899, Harrison & Clough has established itself as the UK's leading supplier of fasteners, fixings, hand and power tools. The company prides itself in offering the UK and European merchant sectors an unrivalled service.

Harrison & Clough currently have 140,000 sq feet of warehousing, over 52,000 product lines and over 6,000 tonnes of stock.

Avanta UK Ltd the storage equipment specialist, have historically worked with Harrison & Clough over the last decade and Director, David Beattie’s previous company Pennine Storage of Bradford regularly supplied racking and shelving to the company.

Avanta UK Ltd have supplied all the pallet racking, two tier shelving systems and ancillary storage items for all 3 warehouses to the point where warehouse 3 was designed around the narrow aisle high bay pallet racking system and the number of pallet positions required rather than designing a warehouse and then trying to fill it with racking.

In 2011, Harrison & Clough were reaching capacity in warehouse 1 and needed an innovative solution to increase the number of pallet positions and Avanta UK Ltd successfully tendered for the project.

Project aim – To increase pallet storage capacity by over 100% in the same area (Achieved nearly 112%)

Project timescale = 5 Weeks

The project included: - Dismantling the existing storage structure including all walkways, staircases, pallet racking including all associated walkways and two-tier shelving system.

All existing Shelving was purchased by Avanta and all existing Pallet Racking was stripped and re used / relocated within the new layout.

The combination of existing and new pallet racking designed to maximise space and resulted in improved storage density within the same footprint.

Brian Dent, Warehouse Manager commented that “the work carried out by Avanta has resulted in a complete transformation in the warehouse operation and it all worked to the plan David presented when quoting for us.  Harrison & Clough are committed to continually invest in improving our operation and growing the business”.

David Beattie of Avanta stated “I am proud to have worked with Harrison & Clough over the years and this project has future proofed their storage capacity for the next few years at least.  Our respective design and installation teams have done Avanta proud again and have delivered to plan.”