Damika_LogoEarlier this year, Leeds based Avanta UK Ltd were invited back to British Bacon Supplies (Part of the Damika Group) to design, supply and install a push back racking system.

Avanta Push back racking is amongst the most space and time-efficient pallet storage systems available. Pallets are loaded in sequence onto wheeled carriers of differing heights and are pushed back along inclined steel guide channels to utilise the full depth of the racking.

Pallets are retrieved on a ‘first-in, last-out’ basis and with each product having a dedicated lane, Dynamic Push-back racking is particularly useful in marshalling areas, and for long-term bulk storage and handling.

Below is a statement from the client.

Storage UP-gradePush_Back_Racking_Damika
Last month saw the biggest expansion of our finished goods storage area at British Bacon Supplies, Huddersfield.
We took delivery of the new racking system on the Monday and by the Friday the pallets were being loaded in to it. The system is designed to allow pallets to be loaded onto carts and then pushed back by the forklift truck and the next pallet loading onto the system (a maximum of 6 pallets per bay). When stock is needed the first pallet at the front of the bay is removed the ones behind it gently move to the front of the bay ready to be lifted out of place.
We now have the storage capacity on site to hold over 200 pallets of packed product, a long way from days of old at which 45 was the maximum limit.
With this new investment we will be holding stock for ourselves and also both Coventry sites thus enabling us as a group to be much more efficient in both storage and transporting orders to our customers.

For more information on the British Bacon Supplies please see http://www.damikaltd.co.uk/our-brands or call 01484 435 243

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