A Leeds based manufacturer of chilled, fresh and natural foods had recently purchased additional warehouse space to store additional pallets that could not be bulk stacked due to the nature of the goods stored and the pick rate required. Therefore the company had a requirement to store the pallets on adjustable pallet racking.
The requirement was put out to tender and Leeds based storage equipment specialist Avanta UK Ltd were awarded the project due to: –
•The solution offered – to store 260 plus pallets with reach truck in a wide aisle configuration
•Expertise in maximising storage capacity of the building
•The competitive price offered
•Speed of supply
•Speed of build
•Local support for spares, repairs and reconfiguration if required

Avanta UK Ltd, design, supply and install pallet racking throughout the UK in large and small quantities to a variety of clients.  Pallet Racking is available in numerous forms to optimise storage density and pick rates required, often dependent on: –
•The type of goods you store
•The amount of floor space available for the racking installation
•The speed of throughput
•The type of handling equipment used

Pallet Racking Systems include: –
•Wide Aisle Racking – The most common form of racking and allows direct access to each pallet stored and beams are adjustable to be reconfigured if the size of pallets stored changes.
•Narrow Aisle and Very Narrow Aisle Racking – Allows specialised fork lift trucks operate in aisles up to half the size of traditional pallet racking making excellent use of available floor space and maximises the height goods can be stored.
•Double Deep Racking – Allows pallets to be stored 2 deep but still accessible from the same aisle in a first in last out system.
Drive in Racking – Pallets are stored on guide rails in the depth of the racking and forklift trucks enter storage lanes to deposit or retrieve loads.
•Push Back Racking – Pallets are loaded in sequenced onto wheeled carts and when a pallet is retrieved the remaining pallets move forward. Pallets are retrieved on a first in last out basis.

We offer a no obligation free quotation service including a detailed survey, CAD design and quotation.

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Warehouse Pallet Racking System