Shelving for returned garments and boxes

We all know that the impact of the Internet age on Logistics has been huge.  One major difference with the Internet segment compared to traditional warehouse to store retail is the number of returns from customers and how to handle those returned goods.  Many Internet clothing retailers expect return rates of between 20 and 40% which is a huge amount of returned garments and while online visualisation tools can help reduce this it is still in its infancy.

Warehouse Shelving Systems For Fashion Retailer

Over recent years Avanta UK have worked closely with many retailers in the design, supply and installation of 'returns shelving systems'.  The idea is to provide a separate returns facility with numerous locations to house returned goods rather than the goods having to go back into the general palletised or bulk stock.  Each pick face within the shelving system has a barcode location that is scanned when the item has been returned.  This links into the warehouse management system and the retailer knows that it has the item back in stock and exactly where the item is located.  The next time the item is ordered the picker will pick it from the returned stock in the shelving system rather than the bulk location etc.

Warehouse returns shelving bays

A recent installation of this type of warehouse shelving was carried out for a prominent Internet fashion retailer providing 145,920 returns locations within 1920 bays. The all steel shelving is a bolt free system providing a sturdy and robust storage solution that will offer many years of service with a flexible divider system that can be reconfigured if circumstances change.  The rolled edge system has no sharp edges to prevent the snagging of packaging.  Each bay is also clad flush at the rear so small items cannot slip down the back.



Retail Warehouse Shelving