Mobile Shelving: What Is It, and How Does It Work?

Shelving can often be a problem in the office, especially if there is not enough space for all
your important archives and documents. Businesses are constantly looking for solutions
to their shelving problems, and one of these may come in the form of mobile shelving.

So what is this, and how does it work?

How Mobile Shelving Works

Mobile shelving consists of a number of rows of shelves that move along the ground on
rails. The rows remain closed together apart from a single aisle between two of the rows.
When you want to get access to the other rows, you can simply slide the units along on
the rail to open up the aisle you require.

With standard shelving, you require a space between each of the rows of shelves to access
the archives, but with mobile shelving, this space is not required. Each row usually has a
simple turning mechanism to move the rows along without requiring much effort so that
anyone can use it.

Key Benefits of Mobile Shelving

The most essential benefit of mobile shelving for most businesses is that you can get
more out of your available storage space. Space is often at a premium in business
premises, and a mobile shelving unit considerably cuts the space required for storage.
This allows you to get more use from your available floor space, and you can often get as
much as double the storage into the available area.

The simple hand wheel mechanism is a common feature of mobile shelving, and it is very
easy to use. It is designed so that very little force is required to move the shelving units so
that anyone can use it. You can even get electric systems for even greater convenience.

Some shelving units may come with a wide range of designs available for the end panels,
including the option to use custom graphics and photographs. You could also use various
laminate surfaces and wood veneers depending on the product you choose, and these
can help to turn your shelving into a stylish feature of the room.

Where Is Mobile Shelving Used?

Mobile shelving can be used in any office, even very small offices. In fact, this type of
shelving is especially useful when space is at a premium.

In addition to standard offices, mobile shelving is often put to use in large storage areas to
make full use of the space available. It is used to store large amounts of heavy-duty items
in bulk, such as stock and archives.

Retailers also make use of mobile shelving for storing items in the stockroom.
Two-tier options can be used as well as single-tier shelving for this purpose.

Try Mobile Shelving for Your Business

Mobile shelving provides a simple, useful solution for storage in any situation. Where you
have a lot of archives or stock to store, and you want to make the most of your available
space, it is ideal. So get a mobile shelving system running and you will enjoy all the
benefits of having more space available in your business premises.