Earlier this year Avanta UK Ltd were approached by Kodak in Morley, Leeds to work with their project engineers to design, supply and install suitable enclosures to house specific machinery within their premises.

Kodak is a world leading manufacturer of lithographic printing plates and these plates need to be produced in a very sensitive environment.

The purpose of the project was to create enclosures to house a number of production machines to reduce equipment and material exposure to potential airborne contaminants.

Order fulfilment of the ecommerce operation is complicated with the number of smaller low value individual SKU's and the boxed multi chocolates and combining these in order "bundles".  The transition from goods stored on pallet, decanted to boxes, then to individual items and then to be regrouped and packed for despatch was taking too long and was complex. The complexity could lead to picking errors which needs to be addressed.

Avanta offered a carton live solution to alleviate the issues.  Carton Live Storage includes inclined trays of roller tracks, set at levels in the storage bays, allow goods to roll under gravity down dedicated lanes within the trays, from the loading to the picking face.

After initial discussions Avanta invited market leading steel partitioning manufacturer Troax Lee to work in partnership on the project. After a handful of design meetings and a client visit to the Troax factory the specification and build programme was agreed.

The enclosures consisted of Sigma single skin partitioning with solid, half & full glazed panels with areas of Trospan double skin walk on ceiling.
The project was completed to the time set on a specific out of hours programme and to the financial budget.


commercial single skin steel partition install


Kodak comment “I am delighted, Credit to Avanta and Troax and their designers, engineers and fitters who displayed quality workmanship and worked extremely hard to get the job done.” (Surinder Jutla, Project Engineer)

Avanta comment “Another great project win for Avanta with a great client. We have worked closely with Troax Lee as a manufacturing partner many times over the years and they have always excelled for Avanta when required.” (Mark Davison, Project Sales)

Troax Lee Manufacturing “As always, it is a pleasure to work alongside good partners such as Avanta on interesting and challenging technical projects such as this on the Kodak Site. The Chief design engineer for Kodak, Surinder Jutla, was exceptionally helpful in providing the ground-work and site information essential to completing the project in a timely and professional manner.” (Mark Perks, Technical Sales)

Steel partitioning with full height glass