Pallets have long been used to store goods in places such as warehouses, storage
and distribution centres, retail centres and manufacturing facilities.

If the business has goods that can generally be stored by stacking them on top of one
another then pallets offer the ideal storage solution. It is a simple process of stacking the
goods on the pallets and then stacking pallets on top of each other within a rack. However,
rather than simply storing pallets wherever a space can be found, many businesses opt for
the much more effective and efficient solution of drive-in pallet racking.

What is Drive-In Pallet Racking?

The idea behind drive-in pallet racking is
that aisles are provided through which a
forklift can drive to have access to the
pallets, usually stored on guide rails along
the racks. The racks can be as high as 11
metres and there are no aisles between
individual racks meaning that more of the
available space is used in the storage facility.

With operating lanes between groups of
racks, it is easy for the forklift operator to
load and unload the necessary pallets. The
last in, first out principle is often adopted in
the process of drive-in pallet racking and is
the usual storage method for systems that
have one entry point and one exit point.
The last pallet put on the rack is expected to
be the first one required, so certain logistical
procedures have to be adhered to.

Why Use Drive-In Pallet Racking

It allows for maximum
storage per cubic metre

It limits the need for stock rotation, which
is suitable for those dealing in seasonal or
low variation merchandise

It is ideal for those with chill or cold
storage requirements

It is perfect for those who sell their goods in bulk.

Pallets can be quite heavy so it is imperative that health and
safety procedures are adhered to at all times

Staff must be made aware of the danger of climbing on pallets
that are stored on racks

Visible warning signs must be used to prevent accidents

Suitable forklift trucks are required.

Businesses planning to implement drive-in pallet racking should invest in good
quality equipment from a reputable supplier that is designed to meet their specific
requirements and adheres to all relevant safety guidelines.