industrial shelving

Industrial Angle Shelving offers maximum strength and unrivalled flexibility.

It is engineered to the highest standards, available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your storage requirements and is fully compatible with any similar third party BSS systems you may already have.

Available in either ‘heavy duty’ or ‘ultra heavy duty‘ guises, these shelves are an ideal solution for the safe storage of large, irregular or heavy objects. They are also equally well suited to keeping smaller parts or items organised and easily accessible.

The shelves can be secured to the frames either using clips, for ease of movement should you frequently need to adjust the layout of your shelving system, or can be bolted to the frames for increased strength which is recommended for the safe storage of items that are particularly heavy or unstable.

All of the products available as part of our industrial shelving range have been designed not only to offer a strong, stable and safe storage solution, but also to be incredibly hard wearing and virtually maintenance free. This means that once installed, your industrial shelving system will be able to withstand daily commercial scale use and stay looking its best for many years.

We are also able to supply a wide range of accessories to complement your industrial shelving system that are suitable for a range of storage requirements.

  • Fully compatible with other BSS systems
  • High quality and incredibly strong steel construction
  • Maintenance free antibacterial powder coating for enhanced levels of hygiene
  • Flexible and adaptable as your needs change
  • A range of specialist components and accessories available

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Industrial Angle Shelving Bays
Industrial Angle Shelving