Push Back Racking Project Based in Leeds

The client had a requirement to store 120 IBC pallets within a limited space within one of their warehouses in Leeds.

Avanta UK proposed a push back racking system as it is amongst the most space and time-efficient pallet storage systems available utilising floor and cubic space effectively.

The push back racking system was installed into a foot print space of 12.7m length x 5m width storing IBC pallets 4x deep and up to 4 high.

Each level was fitted with a Flow Rail horizontal rail system which is a chain driven push back system enabling pallets to be loaded in sequence utilising the full depth of the rack. When a load is retrieved the remaining pallets roll forward into position at the picking face and are retrieved on a ‘first-in, last-out’ basis and with each product having a dedicated lane.

This particular push back system realised the following benefits: -
•    The chain system is flat compared to other variable height systems and therefore allows use of the full height of the building.
•    Pallet retrieval rates per pick face are enhanced with the “roll forward” of pallets.
•    High density storage system per cubic metre

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Loading the Push Back Pallet Racking
Block of Push Back Pallet Racking