Coil Racking
The Avanta Coil Racking system allows the safe storage of materials that are held on reels or drums and allows the winding and decoiling of the reels to and from the coil racks.

Tubular spindles are suspended between chocks and secured to the racking upright. The position of the spindles is variable to allow varying reel depth up to 2.4 metres can be accommodated.

Coil racking can be single or double sided to save space and therefore configured in various layouts. Common applications are in electrical or automotive wholesale environments, wallpapers, carpets and cloth.

Image Gallery

Coil Racks
Reel Racking
Coil Rack Empty
Coil Racking fully loaded with large cable reels
Coil Racking Bays Starter and Extension
Coil Racking Close Up
Coil Rack Close Up