Leasing & Finance

Why should you consider leasing?
Avanta UK Ltd have teamed up with a reputable finance company who have a great deal of experience and expertise within the racking, shelving and partitioning project industry. They offer competitive costs and high levels of service with tailor made bespoke packages to suit your requirements.

Capital investment decisions are critical to the financial viability of all organisations. Whether you are a sole trader, government body or an international conglomerate the principles are still the same: a poor investment, or no investment at all, could leave your business in a position where it cannot compete effectively in the market place. Key to this decision is not just what to invest in but how to finance the investment.

  • Your business pays less tax as rentals are fully allowable against tax, where as a purchase may not be
  • Payments are spread and can be tailored to your cash flow over the useful life of the assets, allowing you to budget and manage your cash flow in an efficient manner
  • You can bridge the gap between what you need and what you can afford
  • Your existing lines of credit are unaffected allowing you to invest or use your money elsewhere
  • You can manage obsolescence without writing off large single sums
  • You can upgrade the assets or add other assets to the lease at any point during the rental period
  • There is an option for the funding to not be disclosed on your balance sheet
  • You pay VAT on each payment rather than up-front
  • Payments are fixed so you know what you are paying each month
  • Preserve cash flow
  • Keep your banking facilities free for emergencies and working capital in business
  • Ideal for new start companies trading less than 3 years

90% of the Times Top 100 companies, professional firms and local authorities use leasing, as do many smaller and medium sized companies.

How we work with you - Our job is to ensure that the financing process is easy and seamless. Our team will work with you to ensure that you receive the best finance product.

Credit Check - We will carry out all relevant credit checks and we will enquire about the availability of finance for you.

Finance Proposal - You provide us with details of the equipment being leased. We will then prepare a detailed proposal for you, advising you of any supporting documentation, which may be required.

Finance Approval -We will complete your proposal on your behalf utilising all our experience of the market and secure the most suitable form of finance for you to match your requirements.

Sign Off -We will prepare the necessary documents for you to sign.

Suppliers Engagement - Once all the documents are signed, we will arrange delivery and installation of the equipment.

Welcome to Leasing - When your agreement is fully complete, you will receive a welcome pack containing copies of your documentation. Your dedicated team at the lease company will be more than happy to assist in any way moving forward, including any additional financing that your organisation may need.