Racking Inspections
Insurers and Health & Safety Inspectors normally insist on an inspection every 12 months and it is recommended that an inspection is carried out within 6 months after a racking installation.

Our racking inspectors will check the following: –

  • Are the uprights vertical and or show any signs of damage?
  • Brace Integrity
  • Beam Integrity
  • Rack Signage correctly displayed?
  • Floor fixings and foot plates all correctly secured

This is only a small part of the survey.

Please contact us for further details.

*Please note that Rack safety inspections are in accordance with SEMA guidelines and a rack inspection is chargeable

Rack Repairs

If your racking is deemed to require a repair to conform then Avanta can carry out those repairs.

Avanta use SEMA manufactured racking and will utilise repair methods that do not invalidate the warranty of the racking.

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